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Does Grow maintain those quality child:teacher ratios specific for age/stage development?

We sure do. Why is this important? This is the only way to ensure strong relationships are supporting your child's learning. Group sizes are smaller, with more teachers enabled and attentive to maximise your child's wellbeing. Learning areas for infants, toddlers and young children are inter-connected with options for working independently or together.

Research heavily supports group sizes of no larger than 12 for under twos. We've committed to this AND have doubled the number of teachers for the number of children (the ratio) offered at other local services for children. We are so committed to giving teachers the best conditions for working with your child, we keep these minimum ratios right up until they go to school (1 teacher for 3 under twos; 1 teacher for 5-6 two - five year olds). We ensure these ratios are maintained at all times even when staff are on breaks or taking non contact (meaning our ratios are often even better than stated).

Is Grow privately owned or part of a chain?

Absolutely we are privately owned- you cannot get the level of quality we offer in a franchise or chain of ECE services. Grow is a stand alone ECE service that was established as a passion project by twin sisters Jayne and Vikki. Both registered teachers, they felt it was necessary to develop a 'utopia' for both their teachers and children to really get the best out of children and their families in the formative years. This standard of excellence is just not possible in a 'mass-market' approach. Everything here works backwards from individual needs of children as determined by experienced teachers in conjunction with family. Jayne and Vikki are proud to be onsite most days. This relational way of being just can't be achieved to the same standard by a large umbrella organisation such as those run by associations or head offices.

How do I get on to your waiting list?

We would love to be able to enrol everyone but being a part of our Grow family is pretty special and we have found a waiting list is sometimes unavoidable. Our waiting list varies based on how many days you require and of the age of your child. There are occasions where we are able to offer immediate enrolment. We will try our very best to accomodate your needs, promise! Get in touch now

We welcome your interest and enrolment via our enrolment tab here on the website or visit us in person. We are happy to host "walk-in" visits between 9-1130am and 1-330pm or book a time to visit. Interest is strong, enrolment is only secured once all administration has been completed and your deposit paid.  To get your enrolment pack on its way; click here now!

What are your fees?

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives" - William A. Foster.

Our families don't want to compromise on quality and we don't believe they should have to. The fee structure at Grow reflects the superior quality of our programme and ensures your child receives the very best conditions for their brain development in those crucial early years. Contact us for fee information specific to your situation.

Our fee structure has been set to ensure your child has access to higher numbers of skilled and responsive teachers and abundant resources. Grow operates on a full day charge inclusive with minimum attendance of 6.5 hours. This includes all nutritious meals and snacks planned and prepared on site by our wonderful chef Andie in our commercial kitchen, regular extra curricular activities (trips etc), comprehensive, individualised learning portfolios, and ongoing tools and support for parents. The Grow team engage in neurologically sound practices that support the very best brain development for young children. They are further enabled by engaging in regular professional development further enhanced by working day-to-day alongside Grow's passionate and experienced educator-owners; Jayne and Vikki. 

Do you offer discounts?

Yes- we offer a discount for families requiring five days enrolment (full time), for families with more than one child attending and also the ability for you to use 20 ECE hours for a child over three years of age. 

What are your hours?

Your child can attend Grow from 7am-5.30pm, Mon-Fri with a minimum of 6.5 hours per day enrolment required.

Will I be able to use 20 free hours with Grow?

Yes, you can attest your child's 20 hours with Grow from three years of age. Contact us for further details on 20 ECE Hours.

Do you accept WINZ subsidies?

We are registered with the Ministry of Social Development for those who qualify for a child care subsidy. If you qualify for WINZ assistance we can assist you with this administration on your child's enrolment.

Contact Phone Number:

07 827 4442

Visit us:

17 Kaniera Terrace, St Kilda, Cambridge

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